suzukitakaki's Journal

Im 15 and am in 10th grade. I love Hey!Say!Jump my favorite is Takaki Yuya. And Yabu Kota! I love C-ute and Buono! from Hello! Project. I admire Suzuki Airi the most. I don't know what else to say, but Im new here, but i read alot of good stories. Please be nice to me!
My 2 favorites from Hey! Say! Jump are Takaki Yuya and Yabu Kota! My 3 favorites from Hello! Project are Suzuki Airi, Tanaka Reina and Miyabi Natsuyaki! My 2 favorite colors are Green and Purple(Pink now lol)! Umm....Let's see I'm very nice, gentle, sweet, till you get me mad!
I have 2 stories up so far,n not finshied but up! 1. Takaki the Over-Protector!!!(is now finished)5/8/12 and Kei-chan Suki Suki Suki! 9almost)
Please read them and comment. ARIGATO MINNA!!!

I now have..let's see...6 storties up, not complete, only my one-shot is.

8 one-shots are complete
3 stories are complete (very long)

I do take requests but only for hey say jump * OC
and now Jump on Jump but no smut

give SuzukiTakaki more *HUGS*

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Thanks you guys for commenting and please continue it.

I'm 17 and a senior now
i haven't really updated anything sorry
I'm to busy doing my graduation project so i can't update anything till after November 20!