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Wow I haven't been on LJ for several months. I'm not even sure how many, it's been soo long...
I have to admit, I haven't been listening to Hey! Say! Jump. I pay attention to them sometimes, but not a huge fan like i was a few years ago. Yuya's no longer my number 1 nor is Yabu. It belongs to Yamada... yup shocker then Yabu as for the others I'm not sure my ranking but if I had to rank right now it would be.

1. Yamada
2. Yabu
3. Hikaru
4. Yuya
5. Yuto
6. Inoo
7. Keito
8. Chinen
9. Daiki
Sounds right..

Anyway even though I don't pay much attention to them, I wanna get back in writing fics. I still love C-ute <3
And I know I have alot of over-do stories. But I have a few ideas to get me started. Just don't know when I'll post buy you can look forward to them. I hope alot of my friends are still on Livejournal?

Fic's that are finished


Unbreakable Bond One-shot!

Title: Unbreakable Bond
Characters: Yamada Ryosuke / Chinen Yuri
Summary: Chinen was sick and Yamada had to take care of him. But Chinen refuses it and wanted to be left alone. He doesn't want to accept the fact that he is sick.

Unbreakable Bond

One-Shot Sakura Chirari
Takaki Yuya and Airi

Chinen Yuri and Kyoko

Morimoto Ryutaro and Ren

Nakajima Yuto and Kaori

Yamada Ryosuke and Kyo

Okamoto Keito and Sato

"I love my own Twin!" One-Shot

Summary: Kamiki Ryunosuke and Kamiki Airi (OC), two ordinary fraternal twins. Who would have expected him to fall for his own twin sister?

Characters: Kamiki Ryunosuke and Kamiki Airi (airichan24)

Requested by airichan24

Both Banner and Title by Me

I love my Own Twin

"The First Time" One-Shot

Summary:The first time Kikii met Daiki, she called him 'Shortie' yet she was the one who was shorter. They were like a lion and a penguin. Till one day, Daiki suddenly changed.

Characters: Arioka Daiki x OC (Kikii)

Requested by iriejingi95

Both Banner and Title by Me

"We shouldn't be together!" One-shot

Summary: Takaki Yuya and Arioka Daiki were lovers but at one time they must accept the fact that it turns out they are siblings who were raised separately because both parents are divorced. Takaki Yuya to follow his father while the mother followed by Arioka Daiki. while they were both dating for two years and love each other

Character: Yuya Takaki and Daiki Arioka

Requested by:penguindaiki

Both Banner and Title by Me

~5 Songs~ Drabble

Summary:5 types of Disney Princess songs (Song story)

Characters:Hey!Say! 7 and Takahashi Kimika

Requested by dyanryo

Banner by Me

~Naichau Kamo~ One Shot

Summary: Airi and Daiki broke up. While listening to Naichau Kamo, Airi realized that in that song all those things happened to her while she was with Daiki...

Characters: Suzuki Airi and Arioka Daiki

What do you want: Can you base it off Morning Musume's single Naichau Kamo?

Banner by Me and Summary also by Me^^

Requested by sakuraiaiyu

EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!/Everyday In The Best Condition!!

Title: EVERYDAY Zekkouchou!!/Everyday In The Best Condition!!


Summary: Takaki And Ryutaro are a new formed couple in Johnny's. Ryu's a little shy when it comes to Takaki,but really wants to be affectionate to him in-front others. Especially when he feels threatened!

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu/ Season of love coming around

Title: Meguru Koi no Kisetsu/ Season of love coming around

Pairing: Suzuki Airi and Takaki Yuya

Summary: Season of Love blooms for two idols Airi from C-ute and Takaki from Hey! Say! Jump
but will they be able to be the first couple not to be found out?

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu/ Season of love coming around

Secrets! One-Shot

Summary: Takaki Yuya were childhood friends with Yukiko Matsushita. They were separated when Yukiko's parents moved to Australia, and then many years later Yukiko came back to Japan to find the person she used to play together with is from a idol group called Hey!Say!Jump! Secretly she always loved Yuya and hope he'd remembered her but he didn't...until one day, something happened that changed everything....

Characters: Takaki Yuya + OC (Matsushita Yukiko),
Members of HSJ

Request by springjasmine91

Can we be a couple? Yuyan???

Chinen wants Yuyan to be his boyfriend. Chinen wants to make Yuyan understand how he feels about him.
But will Takaki feel the same way?

For faded_lace

I found that she likes Takaki/Chinen paring and while i have the OC for BEST And 7
I wanted to do a One-shot^^


*Flower* One Shot

Summary:Reina and Inoo met in the hospital...they fall in love with each other,Reina only can live 3 months because of her illness..she keep her illness as a secret from Kei..

Characters:Kei Inoo x Tanaka Reina ...side pairing Chinen x Nakashima Asuka

Banner made by Me!

Requested by khaulabear




Yajima Maimi x Kota Yabu

Suzuki Airi x Yuya Takaki

Saki Ogawa x Keito Okamoto

Ai Takahashi x Kazuya Kamenashi

Yuuka Maeda x Daiki Arioka

Niigaki Risa x Koki Tanaka

Summary:The 3 Graduation girls meet up with 2 C-ute members.  And the all surprisingly come out with a secret they have be holding in...

This banner took me awhile to do. I hope you like it^^

Graduation! Chapter 1

Graduation! Chapter 2

Graduation! Chapter 3

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Info:

Aya just moved to Japan. The only problem was, she didn't know any Japanese. Since she was born and raised in the United States(America). Aya had never loved anybody or been loved and she hopes that one-day she'll find it!
Takaki on the other hand was born here in Japan! Takaki went to an all boy school. He was considered the most arrogant, bully and the head of the school. He never loved anybody and he said he never will!
Till one day......

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Chapter 1

Takaki the Over-Proctector!!! Chapter 2

Takaki the Over-Proctector!!! Chapter 3

Takaki the Over-Proctector!!! Chapter 3 - part 2

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Chapter 4 Part 1

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Chapter 4 Part 2

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Chapter 5

Takaki the Over-Protector Chapter 6

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Chapter 7

Takaki the Over-Protector!!! Chapter 8

Takaki the Over-Protector Chapter 9

Takaki the Over-Protector Chapter 10

Takaki the Over-Protector Chapter 11

Takaki the Over-Protector Chapter 12 Finale

"Love Surprises"

Paring: Yamachii manily (Tadaiki, Okajima, Hikabu, Inootaro)

Summary: Love blossoms between Yamada and Chii but when there together will JUMP accept them?

P.S They don't know JUMP all have boyfriends!

Dedicated to alexaleon15

She loves Yamachii and i keep forgetting something and it annoyes her so this is to make it up! If i suck at this don't bite me :)


Love surprises Chapter (1/5)

Love surprises Chapter (2/5)

Love Surprises (3/5)

Love Surprises (4/5)

Love Surprises (5/5) Final Still not done!

"Fate leading into Happiness or Sadness????"

Name: Me lol(Desiree)
Age: 15
Looks: Curly wavy hair, dark brown, hazel eyes
Hey! Say! Jump
Takaki and Yabu
Summary: I'm just a ordinary girl who meets Takaki online and meets up with him the following summer. He introduces me to the rest of jump, and we start to hang out almost everyday. Well when their free or after work. Eventually Yabu tells me he loves me, the same day Takaki tells me. Who will I choose? And when i do, will they be able to cope with me going back to America? And will i?

Fate leading into Happiness or Sadness???? Chapter 1

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 2

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 3

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 4

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 5

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 6

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 7

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 8

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 9

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 10

Fate leading into happiness or sadness???? Chapter 11

"Fate leading into Happiness or Sadness????" Chapter 12


C-ute            Hey! Say! Best

       Yajima Maimi                     Yabu Kota

Nakajima Saki               Yaotome Hikaru

        Suzuki Airi                            Inoo Kei

Okai Chisato                     Takaki Yuya

    Hagiwara Mai                                  Arioka Daiki

Did you guess these people? Then your right!
Yeh. there's a bit of a age difference. But is that a problem, if their in-love?
Will the entertainments let them be together?

Will their fans accept it?

Well do you wanna find out?

*Destined Stars* Chapter 1

*Destined Stars* Chapter 2

*Destined Stars* Chapter 3

Title: Happy Ending Paring:Nikayama (Nicole and Yamada) Characters: a_k_k_h_n nikasantos [info]suzukitakaki psyrachan                           Amanda           Nicole                 Suzu               Lily Summary:Nicole is in love with her best friend Yamada. But every time she asked him out he rejected her. What will happen when Yamada's see's Nicole with a another boy? Will he become jealous? Is this new boy Nicole's boyfriend? What do you think?


I swear I'm still alive!

I still haven't posted anything ne...

I'm not going to college till January 2014 and I still don't have my license but I do have a car.
When i do get it though my best friend wants to go on a rode trip just the two of us and so I really need to get it before school starts.

How is everyone are you still updating your stories?

I know I should. i still have so many to finish.

I've been having a lot of trouble with my bf. I just don't know what to do anymore....
It's a long distance relationship and I just don't think I can wait 2 years to be with him.  I'm just glad i have my mom and friends helping me through this.

Anyway I'll try my best to update my fics, please continue to wait a little while longer.
I'll try to finish my friends requests before i finish my stories!

I already uploaded "Flower* http://suzukitakaki.livejournal.com/50136.html

So look forward to the others:
Angel Loving Me
Bad or Good Love?
Can I love you
The new me vs The Old Me!

Then I also be taking requests to get out of writers block.

Any particular Fic you want me to finish first?

I'm still alive!

Minna Sorry....
I almost totally forgot about LiveJournal my friend actually reminded me how I used to write stories and why did I stop?
I can't believe, I haven't written anything in 5 months.
Sorry... however, tomorrow's my last day as a senior in High school well I should say today the clock just hit 12AM

I was so stressed this week however it still hasn't sinked in Today's my last day
I have to come back though for a math final June 4th. I'm going to fail that's a fact! No use trying. Then I have an Art final to finish
June 7 I have Prom
June 11th I have a practice cermoney
and June 14th is my graduation, Can't wait!

Then I have college oh boy!
and I still need to get my driver's licensee

I will try my best to update my stories!

Is anyone I still know on LJ?
The very next day, Takaki took me out again.
I asked this time for Okonomiyaki We walked to a special place to get it. A place you can sit there while they made it.

Takaki and I sat down and he ordered.

"Okonomiyaki o onegaishimasu" (I would like the Okonomiyaki, please)

"Hai, O-nomimono w" (How about a beverage?)

"What would you like to drink desiree?" Takaki said

"Eto...o-cha" (um...tea)

"satoo wo niko ocha o onegaishimasu" (2 tea's please)



"Hmm?" He looked at me smiling

"So when do you go back to work?"

"Tomorrow" He said
"And I was wondering if I can take out You and Amanda with Jump?"


"You know for you to know us a little better" He said

"Oh, Okay"

We both smiled......and just in time
"Dōzo meshiagatte kudasai." (Please eat.)

"Arigato" I said and the chef smiled at me

As I lifted the food to my mouth the chef and Takaki watched me  (God i hate when people watch me eat)

"Ii desu ka?" (Is it okay?) The chef asked

"...Oishii" I yelled

Takaki smiled "Yokatta" and the chef smiled and walked away

After Takaki just stared at me for a few minuted
"Are you gonna eat?" I asked

"Hmm.." And he started eating

After we finished we went home..Amanda let Haru-chan out and feed her while we were out.
Takaki sat down on the couch while I headed to bed..

"Arigato" I smiled

"Anytime" He said

"I'm back" I smiled

"Hey" Amanda looked mad (uh-oh)

"Hey!" I laughed

"Don't laugh"

"What?" I said still laughing (hehe)

"Why do you get to go out, and for 2 days in a row!" She pouted

"He asked me what would I like to try in Japan"

"So, you didn't have to leave me" She gave me her non-famous pout (F.Y.I never works on me)

"Well, you'll be happy about this"


"He's taking BOTH of us out tommorow, with his friends" I said

"Yay" Amanda smiled jumping up and down

"Sshh, h'll hear you Amanda!"


I woke up uhe next morning with a note on the table

Dear, Desiree and Amanda

     Come to the studio at 4pm I'll be waiting in the lobby
     for you. See you then..
Takaki Yuya

I put the not back on the table and told Amanda
We feed Haru-chan and ate breakfeast ourselves then decied talk her to the park, its the only place we know where to get to and get back home.

As we were walking kids came up and they kinda knew we couldnt speak Japanese.
Lucky there was a Japanese family who knew English and asked if their kids go play with Haru-chan
I said of course, i don't mind at all.

They played for almost 15minutes until it was time to meet Takaki.
I called Nick, and asked if he could pick us up and dropped us off at the Studio, it was around 2:30

"Sure I'll be right there" Nick said

" I have Haru-chan is that alright?"

"No problem"
"See you then"

At the Sudio Takaki was with his friends

"Can't wait to eat with her" Chinen smiled
"i wonder if she like Arashi"

"Chinen really?" Yamada said


"You two shut up" Hikaru said

"So Takaki does she like it here so far?" Yabu asked

"Hmm..she seems to really love everything so far" Takaki smiled

"Oh here they come" Keito said

BEST And 7

Everyone might be wondering why I'm asking if they still want to be in this fic.
Alot is going on at the moment. But i will say the reason I haven't been updating is because some either no longer have the time to be in this fic or they no longer like JUMP.

So because of this I might have to restart the fic
Meaning now you have to Apply again and I'm so sorry for this but now if you didn't get the person you wanted last time, you can aim for him/her this time^^

I also will be making a whole new banner

One again the Story Line:
It's about 2 gangs who fight and kill. Their only one rule is not to fall in love!
But what happens when they do? And the girls aren't who they appear to be!?

Suzuki Airi  my name in this fic is still gonna be Tanaka Usagi
and Takaki Yuya are still Taken^^



Who you want to be paired with-


If you had an Magical power, what would it be?-

Favorite color-

Picture(must be an Hello! Pro girl)-

(Girls to pick from)

Yajima Maimi
Nakajima Saki
Okai Chisato
Hagiwara Mai

Berryz Koubou
Shimizu Saki  Taken
Tsugunaga Momoko
Tokunaga Chinami
Natsuyaki Miyabi Taken
Kumai Yurina

Morning Musume
Tanaka Reina
Fukumura Mizuki
Sayashi Riho
Kamei Eri
Kanon Suzuki

New girls added:

Morning Musume
Mitsui Aika Taken
Ikuta Erina
Ishida Ayumi
Iikubo Haruna Taken

Takeuchi Akari
Wada Ayaka
Ogawa Saki
Fukada Kanon

Mano Erina

Boys taken are



You do not have to comment once the fic updates, just as long as you have time to comment i will appreaticate it^^

If someone chooses a color like pink before you, they might get it, so put 2 or 3!
They may be people with Light pink and Hot pink and thats okay^^
Since their two different shades!

If you don't know what photo to add, tell me and i'll find you one!

Anything else you need to know ask me!

BEST and 7 have to look Innocent so they can get away with what they do!

This was the banner I used Last time
BEST And 7

I made a separate story for the gokusen 3 guys so please don't ask about them^^


Banners I made just for fun^^

I made a few for airichan24 because i saw that she likes them

For airichan24

For airichan2

For airichan3

Next is for 10fan_ryuu_hsj
Which i made 2 for

Made for 10fan_ryuu_hsj

Made for 10fan_ryuu_hsj2

And i just wanted to make these!


banner.php      banner.php


banner.php      banner.php

Airi      Saki

banner.php       banner.php

banner.php       banner.php

                                BYE BYE BYE

*Destined Stars*

Do you guys remember This fic?
I never really started Gome ne^^

Remember the story-line? No?

5 girls, 5 guys. Both very popular singers. One for just girls and one for just guys. Can you guess what they are? These 10 people fall in love with each other.

C-ute              Hey! Say! Best

          Yajima Maimi                     Yabu Kota

Nakajima Saki               Yaotome Hikaru

        Suzuki Airi                            Inoo Kei

Okai Chisato                     Takaki Yuya

       Hagiwara Mai                                  Arioka Daiki

This was the original Banner

This is the new Banner I will use for this fic^^

This fic will begin July 18th

Finished Requestsed Fics 2011-2012

"The First Time" One-Shot



"I love my own Twin!" One-Shot



~5 Songs~ Drabble



Secrets! One-Shot


~Naichau Kamo~ One Shot



Intro post yatta! lol

Im 15 and am in 10th grade. I'll be in 11 starting Septemeber 7  (I'm 16 now and in 11th grade updated March 2, 2012 10:40pm)
I love Hey!Say!Jump my favorite is Takaki Yuya and Yabu Kota!
I love C-ute and Buono! from Hello! Project.
I admire Suzuki Airi the most.

My favorite song from C-ute is Tokkaiko Junjou, Massara Blue Jeans and Momoiro Sparkling
Hey! Say! Jump Your Seed, Time, and Ai-ing Aishiteru
Buono! Honto no Jubun and My boy!
Aa! First Kiss, YES-YES-YES
Takaki Yuya Oretachi no Seishun

Im turning 16 on August 22!  I'm 16 now yay
And My party is Aug. 20th!
I wish all my friends on here could go!

Eto, I very friendly, but shy face to face if i don't know you!
And sometimes when i do know you teehee!
Umm.. I'm very loud but can be quiet at times.
My friends hate it when they see me crying and mad!
My friend Aaron recently texted me if he was beside me , he would protect me! Awww ne?

My favorite subject is.....idk lol
My least favorite subject is Math, but lately im doing better!
Im love tennis, badminton, ping-pong, and running! Though when it comes to waking up in the morning, im very lazy!

My favorite colors are Green, Purple, Pink, Blue, Red and Black
My 4 favorite animals are Horse, Wolf, Panda and Fox!
Anoo, I love to sing and dance.
I write poems and songs!
And of course stories!
Which i wanna say, thanks for all who have been commenting on it.
It encourages me to do more!

2 more words to say before i end this intro post is.....

                Aishiteru                                    Arigato!